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SCCA - San Diego Region - Solo

Thursday, September 30, 2021

San Diego Region, San Diego, CA

New Numbers SDR - 2020   109 entries
# Name Hometown
684 Avatar Image Abalos, Ellizar Warren, MI
84 Placeholder Avatar Abrahim, Alison San Diego, CA
713 Avatar Image Albrecht, Jacques San Diego, CA
166 Avatar Image Allen-Briant, Debbie Simi Valley, CA
858 Placeholder Avatar Arcand, Jason Escondido, CA
95 Placeholder Avatar Avalos, Mike San Diego, CA
351 Placeholder Avatar Azbell, Ron Escondido, CA
69 Placeholder Avatar Banks, Colin San Diego, CA
275 Placeholder Avatar Berg, Norm Fallbrook, CA
724 Placeholder Avatar Betteridge, Tim San Diego, CA
512 Avatar Image Bharucha, Cyrus San Diego, CA
369 Avatar Image Bickford, Jonathan San Marcos, CA
149 Placeholder Avatar Boyles, Robert Tucson, AZ
788 Avatar Image Bragen, Mark Oceanside, CA
102 Placeholder Avatar Brigner, Corey San diego, Ca
38 Placeholder Avatar Brown, Carey San Diego, CA
240 Avatar Image Brown, Rick Lake Elsinore, CA
141 Avatar Image Calderwood, Bryan Murrieta, CA
145 Placeholder Avatar Carson, David San Diego, CA
209 Placeholder Avatar Carson, Kraig El cajon, CA
177 Avatar Image Chi, Danny Temecula, CA
809 Placeholder Avatar Clode, Peter San Diego, CA
941 Placeholder Avatar Crumbaugh, Wendy Ramona, CA
324 Placeholder Avatar Daniel, Zaid San Diego, CA
281 Avatar Image Darquea, Chris San Diego, Ca
939 Placeholder Avatar Davis, Clifford San Diego, CA
302 Placeholder Avatar Diaz, Alfredo San Diego, CA
148 Placeholder Avatar Dietz, Emerson San Diego, CA
25 Placeholder Avatar Evans, Lee San Diego, CA
71 Avatar Image Figueroa, Eduardo San Diego, CA
92 Avatar Image Fischer, Josh San Diego, CA
32 Avatar Image Fitzpatrick, James Kapolei, HI
420 Placeholder Avatar Freiberger, Ben Arcata, CA
395 Avatar Image Gage, Brian Aguanga, CA
34 Placeholder Avatar Gala, Jonathan Aliso Viejo, CA
878 Placeholder Avatar GONG, CURTIS Poway, CA
282 Avatar Image Gross, Danny Costa Mesa, CA
444 Placeholder Avatar Gross, Jessica San Diego, CA
620 Avatar Image Hanson-Tinsley, Tyler San Diego, CA
134 Placeholder Avatar Hascall, Jefferson Heber City, UT
608 Placeholder Avatar Helvey, Tom San Diego, CA
45 Avatar Image Hill, Steve Escondido, CA
233 Placeholder Avatar Hospodar, Bob San Diego, CA
213 Placeholder Avatar Hospodar, Kersten San Diego, CA
5 Placeholder Avatar Hull, Shields San Marcos, CA
36 Avatar Image Humphreys, Chadric Carlsbad, CA
361 Avatar Image Humphreys, Chadric Carlsbad, CA
300 Avatar Image Jennings, Daniel San Diego, CA
108 Avatar Image Jones, Evan Escondido, CA
471 Placeholder Avatar Kamman, Tommy Escondido, CA
87 Placeholder Avatar Kenna, Thomas Studio City, CA
987 Avatar Image Kretch, Michael Oceanside, CA
654 Placeholder Avatar Kretch, Tracey Oceanside, CA
73 Placeholder Avatar Lam, Yik-Jong Harry San Diego, CA
643 Placeholder Avatar Leininger, Matthew Moreno Valley, CA
100 Avatar Image Lewis, Alexander San Diego, CA
188 Placeholder Avatar Liu, Joe San Diego, CA
128 Placeholder Avatar Loftin, Tom Alpine, CA
924 Avatar Image Lood, Johan Hollis, Queens, NY
505 Avatar Image Lyles, Aaron El Cajon, CA
441 Avatar Image Magee, Bob Lake Elsinore, CA
899 Avatar Image Martinez, Justin San Diego, CA
888 Placeholder Avatar Mcnamara, Jonathan laguna niguel, CA
60 Avatar Image McNeill, Jim San Diego, CA
382 Avatar Image McPherson, Tyson Porter Ranch, CA
323 Avatar Image Mejia, Ivette Moreno Valley, CA
318 Avatar Image Mejia, Jose Moreno Valley, CA
604 Placeholder Avatar Mental, Mike San Diego, CA
75 Avatar Image Moody, Craig SAN DIEGO, CA
480 Avatar Image Munoz, Alex San Diego, CA
321 Avatar Image Mushahar, Khairi Spring Valley, CA
706 Placeholder Avatar Ngo, Binh San Diego, CA
83 Placeholder Avatar Oliphant, Kenny San Diego, CA
101 Placeholder Avatar Pagarigan, Robb Vista, CA
404 Placeholder Avatar Pagarigan, Robby Vista, CA
204 Avatar Image Parine, John Encinitas, CA
927 Avatar Image Pascual, Lyndon Riverside, CA
411 Placeholder Avatar Peck, Douglas San Diego, CA
6 Avatar Image Ramos, Luis San Diego, CA
394 Placeholder Avatar Ray, Joe San Diego, CA
616 Avatar Image Rennie, Jonah Murrieta, CA
333 Avatar Image Richardson, Matthew San Diego, CA
818 Avatar Image Robinson, Robert La Jolla, CA
286 Avatar Image Rodriguez, Michael Oceanside, CA
219 Placeholder Avatar Rolon, Jerrad San Diego, CA
111 Placeholder Avatar Rose, Jonathan San Diego, CA
214 Avatar Image Routledge, Damien Riverside, CA
24 Avatar Image Sakariasen, Angela El Cajon, CA
752 Avatar Image Schwaebe, Dane Sun City, CA
173 Placeholder Avatar Scott, William Chula Vista, CA
556 Placeholder Avatar Shaw, Bryan Escondido, CA
900 Avatar Image Silva, Christian Chula Vista, CA
118 Placeholder Avatar Sklyarevsky, George rancho cucamonga, CA
162 Avatar Image Swenson, Paige Escondido, CA
491 Avatar Image Tarnoff, Adam Lawndale, CA
700 Placeholder Avatar Taylor-Broun, Rhodes Gregory San Diego, CA
62 Avatar Image Thorp, Kathy Ramona, Ca
225 Placeholder Avatar Todd, Adriana San Diego, CA
841 Placeholder Avatar Truitt, Austin San Diego, CA
46 Placeholder Avatar Turner, Edward Imperial Beach, CA
105 Avatar Image Van Cleave, Todd San Marcos, CA
227 Avatar Image Webster, Dwight Ramona, CA
440 Avatar Image Wiggins, Michael San Diego, CA
74 Avatar Image Wilcox, Daniel Valley Center, CA
196 Placeholder Avatar Williams, Kyle Ramona, ca
11 Placeholder Avatar Wong, WT San Diego, CA
714 Placeholder Avatar Yang, Charles Chula Vista, CA
360 Placeholder Avatar Yehushua, Liora San Diego, CA
65 Avatar Image Young, Mike San Diego, CA

109 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.